The Today Show called Attorney Kenneth Phillips "the dog-bite king of the legal universe." Time Magazine called him "California's leading dog-bite lawyer." Good Housekeeping referred to him as "a leading expert in dog-bite law."

The Chicago Tribune called him "an expert in laws pertaining to dog bites." The Los Angeles Times said he is "the nation's best-known practitioner of terrier torts."

Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips is the USA's leading authority in dog bite law. He does one thing, and one thing only: he represents dog bite victims. He does not charge anything unless he succeeds in getting money for a client. Dog bite victims are entitled to compensation for medical bills, future medical treatment, lost income, pain, suffering, and much more. Mr. Phillips has earned tens of millions of dollars for dog bite victims all over the nation. 

He welcomes email and will answer your questions for free. You can reach him with our contact form or use You won't be charged anything and you won't receive spam. You'll get his personal reply within hours (sometimes immediately, other times the next day). Read Who I am to learn more about his. You can see him in action on our video page, and a list of his interviews in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and TV. Read what people say about him, below.


What People Write About Mr. Phillips.

CB, Attorney at Law

I have recently filed a lawsuit for a dog bite case. While researching the law, I stumbled upon your website and, I must say, felt very relieved to see such a wealth of information on the topic. I appreciate all the information that you provide on your site as it has helped focus my research immensely.

Best regards,

C.B., Attorney at Law

Hell and Back


I hope you know the impact you have on lives of people like me who have made a trip to hell and back, due to dog bites. I have lived so much of my life since the accident angry, bitter, depressed, and embarrassed about the way I looked. Never thought I would look beautiful again. And the hatred I that was growing inside me made the inside grow as ugly as the outside felt. The counselor helped, but anytime she brought up 'forgiveness' I couldn't do it. I even refused to work on it! My husband, son and daughter were the only ones that, daily, helped me get through it. But still, no one felt what I felt. Everyone said they 'couldn't tell'...but I did. And always will.

But you and your staff worked a miracle for me! I never thought in a million years what the end result was going to be! I never assumed I was going to get anything but my medical bills taken care of. What you did for me I will forever be grateful for. You brought me the closure I have tried so hard to find. You told me that might happen...and sure enough, you were very correct.

I have the majority of the funds in a secure account, until we find the time to look for a new home. And I bought a brand new car too! My first new car, ever!

Thank you for working on my case and bettering a life for me and my family! You will be forever in my thoughts and heart!!

Colleen Z.

Jerry K

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Your website is a "blessing". Thank you. It helps to be able to educate myself on the issues. My neighbors wife was attacked; and, by coincidence, my city, Jasper, Al is in the early process of adopting "some kind" of dog control code.

After reading the statistics of attacks especially children attacks. I find myself on a "crusade" to help the city find and adopt the best codes possible.


Thank you so much for your thorough and quick reply. Thanks as well for your opinion that the nanny "can't blame this on the child or on you in my opinion." It's been a hard and frustrating situation where she continues to minimize her role. I don't hold my child blameless, but he is only 3 years old and was left totally unsupervised with a dog they didn't know well. You were incredibly helpful.



Mr. Phillips,

Thank you very much for your information yesterday. My 7 y.o. daughter has been bitten by a pit-bull. There are no words to express how grateful I was for two things. First, your website, which has all the necessary information to guide a parent. Second, the advice you gave me freely.

Before I wrote to you, I had spoken with two doctors and two vets, and all of them put together were not able to give me clear instructions on the steps I needed to take, which I have learned from you. Thank you very much for your thorough instructions.

When our child was bitten, we were in a lot of panic and were not sure what to do. During this awful time I was grateful there was someone who knows the subject completely.

With deep gratitude, Maria


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