Grandmother’s Suicide After Fatal Mauling Of Baby – Ripple Effect Of A Dangerous Dog

The grandmother of a baby boy mauled to death by a Rottweiler took a massive overdose of painkillers to end her own life. 

Paula Williamson, 42, of Yorkshire, Great Britain, was the grandmother of 13-month-old Archie-Lee Hirst. The boy’s killing had made her distraught. She filled a number of prescriptions for Oxycodone over several months in a secret plan to take her own life.

Everything about Archie-Lee’s death has revealed the worst about the people in his life. His 18-year-old mother had left him alone with his aunts, who were only 16 and 7 years old. This was in the home of the other grandmother, who owned the Rottweiler. The dog snatched the baby from the 7-year-old, and killed him on December 28, 2007.

One week later, an angry mob confronted the 18-year-old outside a bar, and beat and shoved her in retaliation for the child’s death. She had to move out of her apartment. On April 12, 2008, his other grandmother ended her own life. (For details, see the stories about the suicide and the attack on the mother.)