Group Wants Fire Crews To Carry Pet Oxygen Masks

Although at least one state worries that attempt to save the lives of animals might result in firefighters getting bitten, here is an article that says that firefighters, the Humane Society of the US, and others want firemen to carry oxygen masks so they can save animals. (Click here to read it.)

The article gives no consideration to the cost, in terms of time lost, when firefighters are saving pets instead of doing other things. There also is no mention of the risks of treating an animal under some circumstances, like when there is a building that is blazing in the background.

One of the points that I make in my book, When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed, is that people in the USA love their pet animals a great deal, and therefore that it appears unfair to evaluate the loss of a pet in the same manner as a stained tie, a dented car fender, or a stolen bicycle. This call for oxygen masks gives further support to the point that I make in my book.