“Holocaust against dogs” – Can the Dog Lobby Curb Its Indecent Propoganda?

A new article in a Colorado paper refers to breed banning as “a Holocaust against dogs.” Once again we are stunned by the inappropriate and demeaning linking of breed specific laws and human horror. The 20th Century saw millions of human beings murdered in the Holocaust and genocides. To compare this to breed bans is an example of the extreme ignorance — perhaps the dangerous ignorance — of some members of the dog lobby in the USA.

As the pit bull gene slowly finds its way into the bloodlines of gentler breeds, many experts have begun to fear that dogs will eventually be considered unsafe as human companions. While breed banning is not the solution to the dog bite epidemic, it might become necessary if other measures prove ineffective because of lack of support, failure to enforce laws, etc. Attempting to equate the practice with racial discrimination and the Holocaust is nothing but the most base form of propoganda, which will do nothing to help the situation.