More Than 200 Stitches in the Face of a 6-Year-Old Boy

Logan Palomo, a six-year-old Houston-area boy, was mauled by a pit bull when the boy tried to give the dog a goodnight hug.

I do not favor breed bans. However, I am 100% in favor of teaching dog safety to kids, including providing information about the breeds that can cause the greatest injuries.

Parents should teach their children to avoid all fighting breeds and guard dog breeds. As an adult with the right of free speech, you can debate the appropriateness of breed bans all you want, and you can be as politically correct on this issue as you feel is necessary. However, you must not neglect your children’s safety. Forbid them from attempting to hug pit bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Akitas or any other fighting dogs or guard dogs.