Open Letter to Journalists – Report Details About Dog Bites

Throughout the USA, there are statutes and ordinances that are intended to keep the streets safe from dangerous dogs and their equally dangerous owners, but it is well known that certain police departments and animal control authorities are not enforcing them. 

If you are being prevented from giving details, there might be a reason for it. For example, the authorities might be withholding a dog owner’s name because the dog was known to be vicious and the local animal control department deliberately failed to take the dog off the streets. By withholding the dog owner’s name, the authorities ensure that witnesses will not come forward because they do not realize that the same dog was involved in a new attack. 

There are a number of people such as I who study the details of dog attacks for the purpose of educating the public about avoiding them. There are other people who feel that this information should be suppressed because it could result in the passage of laws which would negatively impact dogs and their owners. 

If you have a chance to report more details on these terrible accidents, please do so. While it is not your role to side with one group or another, it is your duty to report the truth and let the chips fall where they will.