Pit Bull Mixes and “Gang Dogs” – Britain Goes After Them To Curb Gangs

In Britain, police will be given new powers to tackle the increased use of dogs as offensive weapons in gang rivalry. There is a flourishing black market trade in pit bulls and other dogs that were banned under an Act of Parliament 18 years ago. Breeders either ignore the ban or attempt to get around the ban by crossing pit bulls with other types, producing larger and more menacing-looking dogs. (Read the article.)

Courts will be able to restrict the movement of gang members, ban them from associating with other members and ban them from being in control of a dog if it is being used to intimidate others or encourage violence. A gang member who breaks the order will face a fine or up to two years in prison. 

David Grant, the director of the RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital in North London, said: “I’m a vet, trained to spot the symptoms of disease. I think the dog problem is a symptom of something very wrong with this society. Someone needs to do something about it.”