Texas Setting Grim Record of Dog Attacks in 2023

Texas is in the process of setting a grim record for dog attacks in 2023, a year that might see the most canine homicides ever. As of November 9, 2023, six Texans have been brutally killed by dogs. Two of the victims were mauled to death in San Antonio.

On November 9, 2023, I was on Channel 4, NBC San Antonio, in a news segment with Jordan Elder called “Preventing dog attacks: the proactive and reactive ways you can protect yourself and others.” It was about a pit bull attack on a pedestrian in San Antonio that led to gunfire. We discussed some pros and cons of defending oneself, others, or property when a dog attacks.

Yes, it’s legal to do so, but there are risks.

Several years ago, I did a video called “Can You Kill a Dog?” It expands on points I made when talking to Jordan on Channel 4. Both videos are worth watching if you are interested.

Indeed, I suggest we all should be interested in being safe from anything, anyone, or any dog. I further suggest our moral obligation is to know how and when to defend ourselves and others from serious physical harm. A dog attack can result in death or grave bodily injuries, so it is wise to consider the points raised in these videos.

According to an article published today by Merritt Clifton at Animals24-7.0rg, there have been 57 human fatalities in 2023, counting those killed in the USA and Canada. The record number is 62 in 2022. We in the USA are on track to make a new record this year.

However, the Texas track record for fatal dog attacks is sobering: in 2022, 10 of the dead were killed in Texas. In 2019, 8 were Texans. For the full list of yearly canine homicides in Texas, see Texas Dog Bite Fatalities by Colleen Lynn at DogsBite.org.