Dog Bite Statistics


Vicious dogs

Facts and figures about dangerous dogs and their irresponsible owners. Fatal dog attacks since 2006. Why some dogs bite people, and how the law deals with them. Learn what the authorities in medicine, veterinary medicine, animal behavior, and law have discovered about the dog bite epidemic.

Breed specific laws

Pit bulls, Rottweilers and other high risk dogs are governed by different laws, and their owners are treated differently after a dog attack on a person or someone's pet. Many believe that pit bulls should be eliminated from our communities, be covered by liability insurance policies, or at least be neutered so they eventually will not exist. Defenders of these dogs, however, say that the media and the courts are making up false stories about these dogs, that they do not harm people without a good reason, and that only the owners of high risk dogs should be jailed and heavily penalized when people are hurt. Learn what both sides are saying and how the law treats breeds and their owners differently.

Understanding dog bite law

Dog bite law in plain English. Learn about the dog bite problem, dog bite prevention, and how to deal with vicious dogs and their irresponsible owners. A primer, links to articles by the experts, and the tools for doing legal research on the Internet.

News about current attacks

Fatal dog attacks on people, also called "canine homicides." Re-homing vicious dogs with unsuspecting families, a practice known as "dog laundering." Criminal prosecutions of dog owners. Read the news about dog attacks, dog owners in court, new laws about dogs, the pit bull controversy, and more.