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Liability for Dog Bites to Human Beings

"Plain English" overview of dog bite law
Legal rights of dog bite victims in the USA
Legal rights of rescuers who incur dog bites
Legal rights of bystanders and family members
The "one bite rule"
What is a "bite"?
Vicious dogs
Protection dogs
Criminal penalties for dog bites
Dog parks and liability for dog bites
Electronic pet containment and liability for dog bites
Landlord liability for dog bites
Homeowner association liability for dog bites
Animal control liability for dog bites
Humane society liability for dog bites
Adoption organization liability for dog bites
Police liability for dog bites
Seller liability for dog bites
Liability for rabies
Medical malpractice and dog bite injuries
Model dog bite laws

Liability for Injuries to Dogs or by Means Other Than Bites

Liability for non-bite injuries
Liability when a dog is injured or killed

Proving Liability

What to do after a dog bite
Investigating the attacking dog
Bite reports
Ownership of a dog
Photography in dog bite cases
Beware of the "statute of limitations"
Does an adult need a lawyer for a dog bite claim?
Should parents get a lawyer for their injured child?
From parent to parent - an open letter about using a lawyer for your child
Do we have to file a lawsuit?
Dog bite victims need an attorney for "dog court"
Forms and templates for attorneys who represent dog bite victims
Tactics and strategies in dog bite lawsuits
Trespass by the victim as a defense
Meet Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips

What the Dog Bite Victim Can Receive

Compensation for the dog bite victim
Bodily and emotional injuries in dog bite cases
Finding the insurance that will cover a dog attack
What to do when there is no insurance
Bankruptcy and dog bites
Senior citizens and dog bites
Structured settlements in dog bite cases
How to know if you have a good case