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Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips, the author of this website, is the only lawyer in the USA who has done only dog bite cases since the 1990's. Which is why he has been called -

  • "The dog bite king" (Today Show and Lawyers Weekly.)
  • "A leading expert in dog bite law" (Good Housekeeping.)
  • "The nation's best known practitioner of terrier torts" (Los Angeles Times.)
  • "The senior specialist in representing dog attack victims worldwide" (Animals 24/7).

Experience matters! Mr. Phillips has earned tens of millions of dollars for children and adults across America. He works on a contingency fee basis and pays the costs of a case out of his own pocket, so he doesn’t get paid or reimbursed unless he wins. Call him at (855) 482-0984, write to him by clicking here, or use the chat box. 

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News About Dog Attacks

Both got out at the same time, a toddler from one yard, and a pit bull from a neighbor's yard. The boy was mauled to death. (From Click to Huston.)

A man died in Jeffersonville, Kentucky, after being attacked by a pit bull that police could not stop with pepper spray -- they had to shoot it dead but it still killed the man. (WCJB News)

Police had to kill a pit bull that was mauling to death a 2-year-old boy. His mom knew the pit bull was aggresive and now she faces criminal charges. (AP/Gray News)