Don't Breed Your Pit Bull

You are one of the causes of the pit bull problem if you breed your pit bull. That is because over 40% of the USA's pit bulls are homeless, according to the latest survey (Merritt Clifton, 2018 Dog Breed Survey: At Least 41% of U.S. Pit Bull Population Are Seeking Homes,

The percent of homeless pit bulls is probably over 50% because rescues and shelters falsely advertise two out of ten pit bulls as being some other breed.

This means half or nearly half of the nation's pit bulls are seeking homes. If you breed your pit bull, you are potentially adding to that number.

Not to mention that most of the time when pit bulls attack and kill, the victims are their owners and the families of their owners. In other words, your pit bull puts you and your loved ones at risk, a risk you would increase by breeding more of them.