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Practical Aspects of a Dog Bite Case

Deposition of the dog owner
Discovery in dog bite cases
Dog bite victims need an attorney for "dog court"
Finding the insurance that will cover a dog attack
Interviewing the dog bite victim
Investigating the attacking dog
Legal forms you can download now
Legal research for lawyers
Personality and behavioral characteristics of owners of vicious breeds of dog
Photography in dog bite cases
Standards of care for dog bite lawyers
Structured settlements in dog bite cases
The use of experts in dog bite cases
Tips and tricks for victims' attorneys
Video of tips and tricks for plaintiffs' lawyers


Legal Issues in Dog Bite Law

A primer on dangerous dog laws
Adoption organization liability for dog bites
Assumption of the Risk by a "Good Samaritan"
Bankruptcy and dog bites
Bodily and emotional injuries in dog bite cases
Breed specific laws
Causes of Action in Dog Bite Cases
Criminal penalties for dog bites
Cruelty toward dogs
Dog parks and liability for dog attacks
Electronic pet containment and liability for dog bites
Evidence in dog bite cases
Governmental Liability for Dog Attacks
Homeowner association liability for dog bites
Humane society liability for dog bites
Insurance for the dog owner
Landlord liability for dog bites
Legal right to use service animals
Legal rights of bystanders and family members
Legal rights of dog bite victims in the USA
Legal rights of rescuers who incur dog bites
Liability for non-bite injuries
Medical malpractice and dog bite injuries
Model dog bite laws
Ownership of a dog
Plain english overview of dog bite law
Police dogs
Protection dogs
Research articles about dog bites
The "one bite rule"
The monetary value of a dog
Vicious dogs
What is a "bite"?
Why dogs bite people