The Today Show called Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips "the dog-bite king of the legal universe." Time Magazine called him "California's leading dog-bite lawyer." Good Housekeeping referred to him as "a leading expert in dog-bite law."

The Chicago Tribune called him "an expert in laws pertaining to dog bites." The Los Angeles Times said he is "the nation's best-known practitioner of terrier torts." Animals 24/7 referred to him as "the senior specialist in representing dog attack victims worldwide."

Attorney Phillips is the USA's leading authority in dog bite law. Since the 1990s he has been doing one thing and one thing only: representing dog bite victims. He does not charge anything unless he gets money for a client. Mr. Phillips has earned tens of millions of dollars for dog bite victims all over the nation, winning cases against dog owners, landlords, property owners, property management companies, employers, stores, animal control departments, police departments, and school districts. (See his Greatest Cases.)

In addition to authoring Dog Bite Law, he has written two featured articles for dog bite victims' attorneys in Trial Magazine ("Put Some Teeth In Your Dog Bite Claim" and "Seven Factors to Consider In a Child Dog Bite Case"), two books for the owners of good dogs ("When a Dog Is Injured or Killed" and "Defending Your Dog"), legislation enacted at the state level, and editorials and articles in newspapers and magazines. He is featured in the video seminar for attorneys titled "Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers" and the video seminar for canine professionals called "Avoiding Liability When Working with Dogs," as well as the video series "Dog Bite Law in 2 Minutes" for the public.

On his Television, Radio and Periodicals page, you will see his many interviews on the Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Discovery Channel, Inside Edition, Court TV, ABC, CBS and NBC, and dozens of local and national radio shows throughout the USA and abroad. He also has been written about or interviewed by approximately 100 newspapers and magazines in the USA and Europe. His short autobiography is at Who I Am. Read what people say about him, below.

He welcomes email and will answer your questions for free. (Reach him with our contact form.)

What People Say About Him

John F. Romano

Kenneth Phillips absolutely is the country's leading legal expert in the handling, litigation and strategy of dog bite cases. He is the premiere author, not only with articles, a book and other publications, speaks on this subject all the time, and [when] the discussion is about dog bite litigation it is an absolute that you are going to hear Kenneth Phillips talking about it.

John F. Romano, past President of the Florida Justice Association and one of the country’s most recognized trial attorneys.

Michael M

I recently purchased and viewed your DVD on the anatomy of a dog bite case. I greatly appreciated your insight and I'm sure it will pay dividends as I pursue my client's claims.

Michael M.

Joe Mack Eckler

Your valuable information on Dog Bite Law and our private conversations inspired a governing authority and protected the career of a bright young public servant. Your hard work was properly sited and credited at the end of my speech. IPBO Local 702 owes you a debt of gratitude.

Sincerely in your debt,
Joe E.

Kim T.

Kenneth, thanks for all of the work you do..we just received your book on when dogs bite or kill other dogs and it is helping us with our case. I encourage anyone in this group who has lost a dog to an attack to purchase it--its money well spent!

Kim T.

Jerry K

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Your website is a "blessing". Thank you. It helps to be able to educate myself on the issues. My neighbors wife was attacked; and, by coincidence, my city, Jasper, Al is in the early process of adopting "some kind" of dog control code.

After reading the statistics of attacks especially children attacks. I find myself on a "crusade" to help the city find and adopt the best codes possible.

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