Dog Injured or Killed 270

Legal self-help for dog owners, written by "the nation's best known practitioner of terrier torts" (Los Angeles Times).


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Who the book is for

You may be entitled to compensation if your dog was injured or killed by another dog, or was hurt through the negligence of another person or a contaminated product. There is no reason to bear the emotional pain and get stuck with the vet bills too. Not only would that be unfair, it also is unnecessary.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Injured Or Killed will enable you to get compensated for veterinarian bills, emotional distress, and anything else that you are legally entitled to receive. It has helped thousands of dog owners to get what they deserve. Readers say "it pays for itself" and has "everything I need to make the other dog owner reimburse me."


What it gives you

The book contains everything you need. Part One: Law and Strategy gives you the law, written plainly and simply. And the strategies you need to make a winning case!

Part Two: Liability Wizard is for dog owners whose dogs have been injured by other dogs. The Liability Wizard is accessed online using the password in this book. It asks you questions and gives legal advice based on your answers. The closest thing to sitting with your attorney!

Part Three: Pre-written Letters and Forms lets you draft powerful documents to send to the other dog owner and the insurance adjuster. It also prepares you to present your case in court if need be.


An excerpt from Chapter 1 - Why a Dog Owner Must Take Action

In Network, a 1976 film about television news, an anchor named Howard Beale loses his mind and tells his audience: "I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell, 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!"

Some things cannot be swept under the rug. Some hurts cannot be forgotten. Sometimes we act because of principle. Maybe there will be no money or thanks at the end of the road, but the point here is not money or thanks. It is something far more important.

Our companion animal was injured or killed, and we are being treated unfairly. Nobody is willing to take responsibility or, even if they accept it, they are failing to say or do anything that would fairly make this up to us. The person who is responsible for our loss is getting away with it, the dog that killed or injured our dog is still at large, and the animal control people are sitting on their hands.

After a lifetime of believing that people love and cherish their dogs, and after spending a small fortune on feeding, training and caring for our companion, we suddenly learn that the law regards dogs as nothing but property, and lawyers can do nothing for us because this is considered as simply a case for small claims court, where lawyers are not permitted to represent people.

So we are mad as hell – and we are not going to take it any more. This is not a small claim. Our dog was more than an item of property. Whoever was responsible for injuring or killing our dog is going to have to treat us fairly. It does not matter whether the law is for us or against us or lukewarm toward us. It does not matter that animal control has other things to do.

Our dog suffered. We suffered. In exchange, maybe there will be fair compensation. Maybe there will be justice. Maybe we will merely inconvenience the person who is responsible for our suffering, and the people who should be doing something but are not. But the time has come to take action about this. And maybe cause things to change in the future.


How to get the book today

When A Dog Is Injured Or Killed will be on your computer and ready for use only one minute after you click the "Buy Now" button, below. An email message will give you a link to download it. This is an electronic book that you read on your computer. You read it, you interact with it, and it gives you the advice and pre-written forms and letters that you can start using immediately. It is not mailed to you.

Also available for iPad on the iBookstore


A letter from a reader

"Dear Mr. Phillips, while we were taking our regular walk up the street, my 8 month old puppy was almost killed by an attacking dog. The vet suggested I contact the police and the owner was charged with roaming dog. During the week my dog was in the hospital, I heard nothing from the owner of the other dog. No apology, no offer to pay the huge vet bill. He did call, however, after reading a letter I crafted from the model you provided in your book. Now he is very sorry and will cover all the costs. Thanks for showing the way to get someone to do the right thing."


Table of Contents:

01. Why a dog owner must take action
02. How to proceed
03. Getting the facts straight
04. Essential concepts and terms
05. Liability
06. Defenses against liability
07. Compensation
08. Finding the "deep pocket"
09. How to make an insurance claim
10. Beware of the statute of limitations
11. Using Small Claims Court
12. Retaining a lawyer
13. Claims against the government and humane societies
14. Where to go from here


Also available for iPad on the iBookstore